Stretch Marks

“Striae” is a general term which refers mostly to narrow, thin grooves or channels, may be thin line or band which are mostly parallel to each other.

Stretch Marks are actually the scars in the skin which are caused by selective loss of dermis and repair in the skin layer which have different colour, texture and hue as compare to the surrounding skin.They are formed due to rapid change in weight or growth as in puberty, hormonal therapy, body building, pregnancy etc. They are formed due to selective tearing of skin dermis layer.

Stretch marks is estimated to be experienced by most of the females who have given birth to young ones. They may also be seen in teenage males or females because of growth spurts and rapid increase in the gait and body structures. The irregularities which are caused due to tear and repair in dermis and intact epidermis results in presentation as stretch marks. The changes and presentation as stretch marks are mostly permanent and respond very less to treatment and also don’t tend to improve with time . Areas mostly which harbour stretch marks are abdomen, thighs, upper arms & buttocks. Sooner the treatment is started, better are the results.


Various treatment modalities are used in improving the appearance of stretch marks like lasers, retionoids, ointments, dermaabrasion. Options like tummy tuck, Radiofrequency are also done.

A new treatment modality of using Rf excited fractional laser with light therapy as shown promising results. The area is treated at selective depth and width with desired fluence for optimal results. Multiple sittings are needed to get desired results.Its difficult to erase stretch marks completely but texture and colour improvement can be definitely achieved. Fractional lasers for multiple sittings with other treatment modalities are advised.



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