Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are cosmetic procedures that are performed to enhance a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgeries can be cosmetic medical or surgical procedures, but there is one crucial thing to note: cosmetic surgery doesn’t just mean cosmetic plastic surgery. It also includes things like cosmetic dental procedures and more general cosmetic dermatology treatments, too. 

There are two types of cosmetic surgery treatments:

Non-invasive cosmetic surgeries are the ones where no incisions or scars will be made on your body, and they do not require general anesthesia to complete it. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures do not involve an incision or cut in the skin. Instead, non-invasive cosmetic surgeries use some other way to make desired changes to your body’s appearance. One example of a non-invasive cosmetic procedure is cosmetic dermatology treatments like Botox special treatments and dermal fillers (or injectables).

On the other hand, invasive cosmetic surgery treatments involve making an incision to alter someone’s appearance. This type of cosmetic surgery is done under general anesthesia, so it requires a longer recovery time than cosmetic dermatology treatments. Cosmetic breast surgery is one example of cosmetic surgery that requires an incision to change someone’s appearance. It is considered an invasive cosmetic surgery because the skin has to be cut open for this type of cosmetic procedure.



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