Derma Roller

We all love to flaunt glowing and blemish free skin. But most of the times, we fall short of achieving our dream of flawless skin and rather spend time looking at ways to overcome the existing skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, etc. Many of these often involve expensive treatment methods which are definitely a cause of concern. However, there are some treatments which are not as expensive or as risky as other cosmetic treatments. One such treatment method is derma roller.

A derma roller treatment basically entails the needle-covered device which is gently rolled on your skin so that it can cover all the areas of the skin. It is a cosmetic procedure which is less invasive and has hardly any downtime. When the needles gently penetrate your skin, it stimulates the flow of blood and acts as an exfoliator. You can think of it as a device used for massaging your skin.

Derma Roller Treatment in La Dermis Clinic | Epiderma Clinic is here to help with a highly efficient, collagen-induced solution for skin and hair. Microneedling treatment stimulates collagen & elastin production, improves blood supply by forming new blood capillaries, fuels wound healing. It improves skin vitality, smoothens and suppleness. Dermatosurgeon employs microneedling not only for treating acne scars, but also for pores, wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, sun damage or surgical scar. Microneedling is done a device – Dermaroller which has many superfine needles made up of medical grade metal. Dermaroller is rolled over the skin which causes skin pricking process (physical trauma) prompting the dermal layer to rebuild skin by producing collagen. For some sever cases, it is combined with Facial PRP for better penetration of the plasma and other factors into the dermis for impactful results – youthful rejuvenated skin. The frequency or no. of microneedling session is decided based upon the severity of the skin condition or depth of the acne scar.



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