Laser For Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction or commonly known as LASER HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENT is a misnomer as Unwanted Hair Growth In Females is dependent On Many Factors which can be the cause of Hair Growth at Unwanted areas. Laser hair removal treatment actually is a most sought after procedure for both males and females who want treatment of unwanted hair and the search for Best Hair Removal Treatment In Jaipur should aim at the type of machine and experience of the dermatologist under whose guidelines treatment is done. Most of the females prefer full body hair removal and thus want to get relief from waxing, trimming, bleaching and other Epilators. The factor that if a suboptimal Laser Hair energy is given, it may result in paradoxical stimulation of hair follicles and the resultant Hair growth is quite resistant to any treatment.

We offer laser hair removal treatment with a handpiece which is virtually painless and the machine is globally acclaimed as one of the best device for laser hair removal treatment. Vaccum assisted handpiece works very well for dark areas like underarms, pubic areas, hips and other dark folds of skin and this higher fluency can be given for good results. The results are quite appreciated by the patients as they get relief from waxing related cross infections and they are virtually Hair free after 8-10 sessions of laser hair removal treatment.

We use the latest USFDA approved laser Hair Reduction Technique by LUMENIS, an international and gold standard brand which is regarded as the benchmark for Laser Hair Removal globally. The technology has a vacuum assisted broad hand-piece which has the area 5-6 times as that of conventional hair reduction hand pieces. This vacuum brings the skin and hair follicle near to the laser lamp and stretches the skin so that the hair follicles absorb maximum energy and thus, the patient feels no pain as practically the skin is spared during the laser shot. So, best possible results are obtained by this technique as compared to non-vacuum assisted machines. The laser for the full body procedure doesn’t need any coolant, ice or ice packs and the patient is comfortable during the procedure. The hand-piece has a wider surface area and hence more skin can be targeted at lesser time and patient can experience full body laser hair reduction sitting in 2-4 hrs.



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