Mole Warts Removal

Common warts are a contagious skin condition caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) viruses. They usually form on the hands and feet as rough-textured growths that are often cauliflower-shaped. Warts on the feet can cause walking or exercising to be painful, making wart removal necessary.

Moles, also referred to by the medical term nevi, are usually harmless skin growths that can develop on any area of the body. They generally have a uniform black or brown color and can be flat or raised. Whether you think of them as blemishes or beauty spots, they appear on just about everyone’s skin and are caused by pigment-producing skin cells called melanocytes.

Our clinic’s Dermatologists most often make the diagnosis of warts with clinical examination, however, a shave biopsy can also be done to confirm the diagnosis. If at-home wart removal treatments aren’t working or warts are becoming a nuisance, dermatologists will utilize medical and surgical wart-removal techniques. These may include topical medications, freezing (cryotherapy), and surgical excisions.

Dermatologists advise against at-home mole removal techniques. You may inadvertently remove a pre-cancerous or cancerous mole or cause complications in a benign mole. Dermatologists will often perform a biopsy of a mole for further evaluation before deciding on mole removal specifics. Dermatopathologists examine the biopsy specimen under the microscope and render a definitive diagnosis.




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