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La Dermis Clinic is an aesthetic and pediatric clinic situated in the heart of Mansarovar, Jaipur founded by Dr Meenal Makkar Dhawan (Dermatologist & Cosmetologist) and Dr Kapil Dhawan (Pediatrician), It has been created to provide contemporary and comfortable environment to meet the growing needs of patients and parents.
With bespoke interiors, attention to detail and a team of medically trained professionals, La Dermis aims to provide holistic solutions for skin, hair, aesthetics, child care and wellness. La dermis prides itself on being equipped with the latest technology to bring you the best of cosmetic and non-invasive procedures that offer visible changes in minimum or zero downtime. Our vision is to offer the best of all treatment and services to our patients followed by taking care of their safety as well health.


La Dermis Clinic is fully modern, well equipped, spacious and technically designed work of architecture which cater to needs of hair restoration, Laser Hair Reduction, Plasma Rich Therapy (for hair loss), Botox, Lip Fillers as well as Medical Facial treatments and many more.

Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Meenal Makkar

Consultant Dermatology

Dr. Meenal Makkar is a board-certified Consultant Dermatology who performs all Hair, Nails, Pediatrics & asthetics procedures at La Dermis Clinic. She has completed MBBS, MD(Dermatology). Her areas of expertise are Laser & Asthetics, Pediatric Dermatology, Hyper Pigmentary Disroder & Hair, Nails Disorder. In her previous experience she has worked as Sr. Consultant in Gurugobind Singh Medical College & Hospital.

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Dr. Kapil Dhawan

Consultant Pediatrics

Dr. Kapil Dhawan is a board-certified Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist who performs all Pediatric procedures at La Dermis Clinic. He has completed MBBS, DCH, DNB. His areas of expertise are Pediatrics, Neonatology and Vaccination and Infectious Diseases. In his previous experience he has worked as Consultant in Park Hospital, Jaipuria Hospital and Associate Consultant in CK Birla Hospital.

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With our fast-paced lives and exposure to pollution, it is essential to pay attention to beauty inside out. As important as your at-home skin routine is, it is imperative to take the help of professionals. By making most of the trending technology, we hope our treatments boost confidence and self-esteem. We pay great heed to personalized consultations and attention to details. Be it patient history, medical assessment or post treatment do’s and dont’s, we hope to provide effective skincare and hair solutions in full confidentiality.
Our pediatric wing at La Dermis Clinic, believe that healthy children make happy parents. To achieve this, our paediatricians work together with you to ensure your children receive the care they deserve. We also believe in empowering parents to help your children live life to the fullest.


Any patient’s experience at La Dermis includes:

• Timely appointments and personalised consultations

• Introduction to advance technologies and procedures

• A Q&A to talk through your customized treatment

• Highly experienced dermatologist & pediatrician at the time of the procedure/service

• Timely attention and care from start to finish

• Confidentiality and heed to privacy


• Highly trained, experienced & full-time technicians

• Passed through high health standards & tests to ensure patient safety

• Administration team is cordial & trained to ensure best comfort


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