Cosmetic dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is a subspecialty of dermatology that focuses on aesthetic issues and the cosmetic applications of the discipline. A cosmetic dermatologist has undergone special training to help patients address skin tone and texture irregularities, smooth wrinkles, remove unwanted facial or body hair, tighten skin, remove tattoos, treat cellulite and/or treat acne and acne scars. La Dermis Clinic have some of the most highly trained and experienced cosmetic dermatologists who are passionate about helping patients achieve the skin they desire. Considering how a person’s appearance can affect their mental health and quality of life, cosmetic dermatology plays an important role in health care.

Cosmetic Dermatology Services

There are many cosmetic dermatology services that should only be performed by a board-certified dermatologist in a doctor’s office—rather than an aesthetician at a medspa—for your safety and to ensure optimal outcomes. Depending on the type of service, cosmetic dermatology treatments can be significantly damaging to the skin and dangerous when performed under the care of an unqualified practitioner. The most commonly performed services our cosmetic dermatologists provide include:

  • Laser therapy for acne scar reversal, wrinkle smoothing or addressing texture irregularities
  • Body sculpting for unwanted fat removal
  • Facial injectables for correcting volume loss or smoothing wrinkles
  • Photofacials for non-invasive skin correcting.

Your cosmetic dermatologist may recommend a series of different treatments to help achieve your skin goals. Importantly, your unique skin type, concerns and requirements for downtime and recovery are always considerations when developing your personalized cosmetic treatment recommendations. 



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