Hair Loss Treatment in Mansarovar Jaipur

Hair Loss Treatment in Mansarovar Jaipur

Regardless of age most of the males/females experience hair loss which is quite disturbing at times and make them consult a good dermatologist. Few hair fall treatment in jaipur centers have the option of complete hair Care along with procedural options if needed. The exact diagnosis and treatment plan has to be worked out before any treatment options are suggested. Most of the patients have a genetic predisposition for hair fall and this needs proper attention besides improvement in diet and other micro nutritional deficiency. Thyroid, Anaemia, any other chronic disease are to be ruled out before hair fall treatment is suggested. We are one of the leading center for Hair Loss Treatment in Mansarovar Jaipur offering various scope of treatments in which major one are MESOTHERAPY and PRP.

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Mesotherapy and PRP helps in activating the dormant hair follicle and increase the diameter of existing hair follicles and also helps in reducing hair fall. Tablets, lotions and proper nutritional diet along with these therapies can help the patient combat hair fall. DHT hormone in males is considered one of the major hormone which is responsible for hair loss in males. Aim of the treatment is to have maximum hair in Telogen phase so that a Patient experience less hair fall. Hair fall is a progressive condition and thus needs maintenance and proper treatment follow up. Consultation with renowned dermatologist at our center for HAIR FALL TREATMRNT IN JAIPUR May be taken as soon as Patient experiences hair loss /hair fall. The treatment for Mesotherapy is done once in 2-3 week and PRP treatment can be done once in 5-7 week depending upon the grade of hair loss. Most of the time photographic evidence of hair treatment gives back the confidence to the patient after 4-6 sessions of PRP treatment for hair fall treatment . Contact us!



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